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Links to some other manufacturers of Steam Era decals.............

 Westerfield    Westerfield, 'The Golden Age Line', offers kits for freight cars primarily built 1900 - 1930  
 Speedwitch    Speedwitch Media offers a line of freight car kits plus books, decals, parts 
 F&C                 Funaro and Camerlengo offers an extensive line of kits. (Use Internet Explorer) 
 Sylvan             Canadian freight car kits, parts, vehicles(30s to 50s), structures, ships
 Norwest          Mostly(but not all) Canadian prototypes (all kits discontinued 2/15/2009)
 Resin Parts/Stan Rydarowicz      Intermountain/resin combo reefer kits.
 Resin Parts/Stan Rydarowicz 2   Doors, roofs, ends for kitbashing.

 Elgin Car Shops   Someone to build your Sunshine kit for you.
 Custom RR Models   Someone else to build your Sunshine kit for you.
 Resinbuilders4u   Dennis Williams will build your kit.

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