Extra Data for Kit 15.0
Milwaukee Road 48'-6" welded composite gondola
with drop bottom doors

The Milwaukee shops built 1035 of these 48' 6" long composite gondolas in 1937. The cars featured welded construction, a hallmark of Milwaukee rolling stock of that era. The cars had drop bottom doors and were numbered in the 80000-81034 series. The cars were rebuilt with steel sides and solid steel floors starting in the mid-Fifties.

This was a one-piece carbody to ease assembly. Kits included Tichy Train Group ladders and brake hardware, Tahoe Model Works #110 ACF 70-ton A-3 truck sideframes, and Precision Design Company decals. Couplers were not included.



Resin Car Works would like to thank the following rail historians and modelers for their high quality work. Without their efforts, these kits would not have been produced.

Tom Madden - casting work
Mike Skibbe - decal artwork
Dave Campell - decal art prep
Ken Soroos – kit instructions
Patrick Hodina - 3D art for Klasing ratchet handbrake printing
Frank Hodina - additional masters, kit instructions and model photos

These files are intended to help you build our models.
Kit 15.0 instructions Part 1 (10 MB PDF file)
Kit 15.0 instructions Part 2 (8 MB PDF file)

Prototype images
MILW 80309 - three-quarter view from the Car Builder Cyclopedia
MILW 80309 - side view Milwaukee Road photo, John Greedy collection
MILW 80449 - John Greedy collection