Extra Data for Kit 17.0
New York Central 50' steel gondola

The NYC installed 1000 of these 70-ton gondolas in 1929 as Lot 591-G. They were built by the Pressed Steel Car Company in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. The cars were originally in the 324000-324999 series and had steel floors and drop-doors. These were the first 50' all-steel gondolas on the NYC and pre-dated the AAR gondola designs.

By 1945, 712 cars had been rebuilt with wood floors and the drop-door hardware was removed. They were renumbered into the 751000-751999 series. This kit reflects these changes and the renumbering.

Our kit was a one-piece carbody to ease assembly. Kits included Tichy Train Group brake hardware, Tahoe Model Works #110 ACF 70-ton A-3 truck sideframes, and Precision Design Company decals. Couplers are not included.


Resin Car Works would like to thank the following rail historians and modelers for their high quality work. Without their efforts, these kits would not have been produced.

Tom Madden - casting work
Dave Campell - decal art prep
Ken Soroos – kit instructions
Frank Hodina - additional masters, kit instructions and model photos

These files are intended to help you build our models.
Kit 17.0 instructions part 1 (6.8 MB file)
Kit 17.0 instructions part 2 (7.8 MB file)

Prototype images
NYC 324099 - Pressed Steel Car Company builder image
NYC 324099 - Pressed Steel Car Company photo, R. L. Stoving collection
NYC 324099 end - Pressed Steel Car Company photo, John Golden collection
NYC 751478 - in service view
Lot 591-G NYC 1944 freight car diagram page

The New York Central System Historical Society have shared several end views of these gondolas. These feature different hand brake hardware applied to various Lot 591-G gondolas in 1929. These photos are from the NYCSHS Collection. We thank the Society for these views.
591G sheet 2 NYC 324099 A and B ends
591G sheet 3 NYC 324724 B end and interior
591G sheet 4 NYC 324299 and 324099 B end
591G sheet 5 NYC 324399 and 324699 B end

The following are engineering drawings for the different brake hardware installed on these NYC gondola. These files are from the NYCSHS Collection.
591G Q-53565 AB brake arrangement 8-4-1943
591G V-39725 (324700-324999) hand brake 11-27-1929
591G V-39738 (324400-324699) hand brake 12-13-1929
591G V-39755 (324000-324099) hand brake 1-3-1930
591G V-39756 (324300-324399) hand brake 1-6-1930
591G V-39757 (324100-324299) hand brake 1-8-1930
591G V-39825 uncoupling arrangment 3-12-1930

Summary of floor and brake hardware from Jerry Hamsmith (PDF)

Jerry authored a five part series of posts on teh Resin Car Works blog that cover kit construction and detail. These posts offer great ideas to build the kits.

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