Extra Data for Kits 6.01 to 6.04
AC&F Type 27, 10,000-gallon, insulated tank cars

These kits reflect insulated tank car prototypes with 10,000 gallon capacity, which were generally used in the transport of asphalt. These tank car models have not been available as HO scale kits and are produced from completely new masters. The frame is a one piece part where only the details need to be applied. The tanks and domes were created as 3D models to ensure that the various dome sizes and tanks fit. Decals were created directly from prototype images.

The kits are composed of cast resin parts, decals, cast brass parts from Precision Scale Company, etched parts from Yarmouth Model Works, plastic parts, wire and grabs from Tichy Train Group, and appropriate truck side frames from Tahoe Models.

Resin Car Works would like to thank the following rail historians and modelers for their high quality work. Without their efforts, these kits would not have been produced.

Ed Hawkins– prototype research
Tom Madden - for 3D modeling to produced the tank and dome patterns. and for his castings work
Ken Soroos – decal creation and kit instruction coordination
Frank Hodina - kit instructions and model photos

Tank car trucks note

We asked Brian Leppert of Tahoe Model Works to match available model freight car trucks with these new kits. Brian notes the United States Rubber, plain SHPX, and Paluxy Asphalt cars all have the same truck in the builder images. These are “conventional” with spring planks and four springs grouped close together per side frame. The Tahoe #006 “Buckeye” truck is a good match and is the side frame supplied with these kits.

The Cities Service car has a double-truss, spring-plankless, self-aligning truck. These are close to the Tahoe #007 double truss truck, which is the truck side frame supplied with this kit. There is a difference in the spring grouping between the Tahoe truck and those on the prototype car. The Cities Service truck has five springs per side frame in a 2-1-2 pattern with the springs close together. The Tahoe truck has five springs that are spread as far apart as possible creating a noticeable gap in the front.

An alternative to the Tahoe truck for the Cities Service car would be Tangent Scale Model’s 50-ton ASF truck. The Tangent truck has the side frame, bolster end and spring grouping that reflects the prototype, but it has spring plank details that do not.

Basically, there is no perfect match of a modeled truck for the Cities Service cars. We’ve provided the modeler with the best and closest truck available in our kit.

Here are files intended to help you build our models.

The kit instructions are large PDF files so there are two separate files to download. Right click and save them to your hard drive.

Kit 6.0 Instructions 1 (9 MB)
Kit 6.0 Instructions 2 (14 MB)

Photos from kit instructions - coming soon!
AC&F Type 27, 10K gallon, insulated tank car prototype data (PDF file)


Additional prototype photos and details for Kit 6.0
These photos are from the collection of Ed Hawkins and used with permission.

Kit 6.01 - SHPX 10873, Lot1596, no leasee
Kit 6.02 - SHPX 11800, Lot1804, Cities Service leasee
Kit 6.03 - SHPX 11021, Lot1743, Paluxy Asphalt leasee
Kit 6.04 - SHPX 10871, Lot1568, US Rubber leasee (This photocopy is the only image we have found.)