Extra Data for Kits SE 1.01 and SE 1.02
GATX Type 30, 8,000-gallon, Class 103/203 tank car

In 1928 General American Tank Car Company introduced a standard tank car design that was noted for the year the first car was constructed, Type 28. The Type 28 design became the standard for all GATC tank cars constructed until after WW2. Certain unnoticeable design changes in 1930 led to the Type 30. The notable spotting feature of the Type 28/30 is an open frame without any side or end sills. The frame featured massive truck bolsters with poling pockets on the ends.

A variety of companies leased or purchased Type 30s to haul edible food commodities, such as corn oil, cane syrup, cotton seed oil, fats and liquid sugar. The food commodities cars could be ICC Class 103 (safety valves) or Class 203 (frangible membrane vents). Since these food companies were conscious of the advertising potential of the cars, they were often painted in bright colors to display the company name and logo. Scroll down for prototype details on the two kits that are available.

The kit consists of two piece resin tank casting, one piece frame casting and resin detail sheet along with; decals; Precision Scale Company brass handrail stanchions, pipe “T” and air hoses; Elgin Car Works etched tank bands and GATX tank car stirrups, and Plano Models etched tank car placard boards. The kit lacks all the small typical parts like brake components, grabs and wire.

These Special Edition releases are limited to a few dozen kits.

Resin Car Works would like to thank the following rail historians and modelers for their high quality work. Without their efforts, these kits would not have been produced.

Tom Madden - castings work
Ken Soroos – decal creation and kit instruction coordination
Frank Hodina - prototype research, masters for kit production, kit instructions and model photos

Here are files intended to help you build our models.

Kit SE 1-01 and 1-02 Instructions (4.5 MB)

Prototype photos - These files are set up with a pair of images on each file.
Frank Hodina photos taken at the Monticello Railroad Muesem. Additional prototype images can be found in the instruction PDF file.

GATX Type 30 Prototype 1
GATX Type 30 Prototype 2
GATX Type 30 Prototype 3
GATX Type 30 Prototype 4
GATX Type 30 Prototype 5