Extra Data for Mini-Kit 2.01
Fruit Growers Express truss rod refrigerator car parts

The resin parts and decals were originally given to attendees of the 2018 RPM Chicagoland event. Our mini-kit also included Tichy parts to convert an Accurail wood sheathed reefer into an FGEX truss rod prototype.

In 1923 the Louisville & Nashville merged their refrigerator fleet with FGEX. These L&N cars were numbered into the 20000-21849 FGEX series. In 1925, the Baltimore & Ohio followed suit, and brought their cars into the fleet including truss rod cars. The B&O cars were numbered into the 14000-14998 series under FGEX.

This mini-kit included resin detail parts, decals, and Tichy underframe, turnbuckles, queen posts, and K brake parts. The modeler will need to supply the Accurail reefer car body, truss rod materal, trucks, wheelsets, and couplers to complete the conversion.

Resin Car Works would like to thank the following rail historians and modelers for their high quality work. Without their efforts, these kits would not have been produced.

Ted Culotta and Bill Welch - prototype research
Tom Madden - for his castings work
Ted Culotta – decal art creation
Frank Hodina and Ken Soroos - kit instructions and model photos

The kit instructions can be downloaded through the link below. It's a large PDF file. Right click on the link and save it to your hard drive.

Mini-kit 2.0 Instructions (9 MB)