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Sunshine Mini-Kit PDS/Instruction Sheets and loads too

Most of the Mini-Kits/loads listed below consist of resin parts and decals
used to modify an existing styrene kit.

Mini-Kits cannot be ordered and are sporadically available at shows.
Some loads are listed in the current price list and can be ordered

The 'MK' kit #s are unofficial, assigned by me, not Sunshine, and used for listing purposes only.
If you have a Mini-Kit or load listed here with no link to instructions,
please scan the instructions and email them to me.

         MK.1   ATSF Covered grain hoppers

         MK.2   Central of Georgia 40' 1-1/2 door boxcar

         MK.3   CB&Q FM-11, 11A flatcar

         MK.4   Wabash 50' 19000-19124 DD Autocar

         MK.5   CMO 40ft boxcar conversion

         MK.6   Dewey, MKT, and C&EI (and many more) covered hopper

         MK.7   RI Duryea underframe boxcar

         MK.8   CMO - Duryea underframe, 4/4 ends, decals for postwar AAR boxcar

         MK.9   ATSF Bx-41,-49 rebuilt boxcars

         MK.10   Square corner boxcars for IC, SOO, and DSS&A

         MK.11   C&O, NKP, Erie and other alternate standard AAR 2-bay hopper cars

         MK.12   MP raised roof 3-bay limestone covered hopper

         MK.13   EJ&E 1941 AAR 10'6" steel boxcar

         MK.14   Passenger car underbody detail (a few parts, no instructions)

         MK.15   Wabash 82000-82513 rebuilds & auto parts rack cars

         MK.16   Missouri Pacific 1942 ACF boxcars

         MK.17   ATSF Fe-22,23 Rebuilt boxcar

         MK.18   SFRD Rr-19 rebuilds with plate ends

         MK.19   SFRD Rr-22 50' reefer

         MK.20   Wabash 81663 & 81982 auto engine service USRA clone rebuild (same as MK.15 but different decals)

         MK.21   8"x8" lumber load

         MK.22   ATSF Fe-21 Rebuilt 50' boxcar

         MK.23   T&P Eagle Express - ends, decals

         MK.24   GM&O 1940 and 1942 ACF boxcars

         MK.25   Grandt Line handcart with Sunshine decals

         MK.26   CMO 37500-38298 10'6" IH Duryea boxcar

         MK.27   SL-SF tan and brown scheme Duryea underframe AAR 1937 boxcar

         MK.28   John R. Grace tankcars decals

         MK.29   Loads - car sides and underframes

         MK.30   Grain doors

         MK.31   RI Covered Silica Hopper

         M2   Duryea underframes (Can be ordered)

         M4   Piggyback flatcar conversions (Can be ordered. 2 versions.)

Loads Instruction Sheets

         F1 & F2   Lumber and transformer loads

         F3   70' bridge girder load with associated AAR prescribed rigging, tie-downs and blocking

         F4 & F5   Baled scrap metal and overseas crate loads

         F6 & F7   Tractors and power cart loads

         F8   Ice blocks & chunks, pikes & forks, and ramps

         F9   Crawler load

         F10a   Ship plates load (Flyer)
         F10     Ship plates load (Instructions)

         F11 & F13   Pole and pressure tank loads

         F14 & F15   Autoframe loader rack & wallboard loads for ATSF FT-L,N,O,P flatcars

         F20     Steel plate load (diagonal loading)

         G1 & G2   Cable reels and pipe loads

         G.3   Marble, prefinished slabs w/ decals

         G.4   Pig iron load w/ blocking

         G.5   Rail load w/ decals - Scullin Steel

         G.6   Green slab marble load for 40' gons

         G.7   Rail yard scrap load for 40' gons, base plate w/ multiple independent parts for variable loads

         G8   Off-road tires and bridge x-frame loads

         G.9   Ingot iron load for gons. 14 ingots of high grade iron for engine block plants from Birmingham, AL

         G.10   Aluminum ingots for 40' gons. 12 large square hat shaped ingots

         G.11   Steel sheet for 40' gons. 7 nested steel sheets draped over 3 pieces of 4x4 wood

          G.12   5 Mt. Vernon underframes w/ blocking

          G.13   5 Youngstown car sides w/ blocking

          G.14   General Steel flat car underframe w/ blocking

         H.1   Coal load. Bag of coal

          H.2   Crated machinery. 3 crates, tie downs, decals

         H.3   Limestone load. Mixed sizes

         H.4   White sand load. Finely grounf limestone for 40' or 50' gons

         J.1   Bas relief cattle load for stock cars

         J.2  Bas relief pig load for stock cars

         M1   2 ATSF Covered hopper roofs & parts for conversion of plastic hoppers to grain cars

         M2   Duryea underframes