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Links to some recent Sunshine flyers
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   February 2012 releases
 E201    Assignment, Restriction, Routing Stencil decals

   October 2011 releases
 83c    RI, PM, IC, SSW 50' autocars 
 99c    More Type 17 radial tankcars
 101c    ATSF Fe-24 50' boxcars - raised roof
 102a    SSW, SOO, CofV, PM autocars to boxcars 
 102b    ARA 1923 10' IH Auto/furniture cars to boxcars 
 103a    Mather's tall boxcars 
 104a    Wabash and NJI&I 10' IH autocars 

   June 2011 releases
 101b    ATSF Fe-24 50' boxcars
 96d    D&RGW Pressed Steel boxcars (revised flyer) 

   March 2011 releases
 100a    ATSF Bx-40 and Fe-25 50' rebuilds

   February 2011 releases
 99b    GATC Type 17 circumferentially riveted 8K tank car  

   October 2010 releases
 24g    Swift "Buy More War Bonds" reefers  
 24g2   Swift 40' horizontal seam steel reefers (Reissue)  
 46f    Armour 40' steel reefer  
 79b    GN plywood boxcar with Scotchlite herald  
 82b    Fruehauf piggyback trailers  
 M4    Piggyback flatcar conversion Mini-Kits ( 2 versions. Can be ordered. See trailer flyer.)
 97a    NC&StL 36' rebuilt boxcar  
 98a    ATSF Bx-41,42,45,46,49 rebuild 40' boxcars  

   July 2010 releases
 40d    ATSF Fe-26 auto/parts car (Reissue) 
 94a    SFRD Rr-44 Pullman built reefer  
 95a    Linde box/tank cars  
 96b    D&RGW Pressed Steel boxcars 
 F10b    1930s-50s Ship Plate Load (new flyer) 

   November 2009 - Naperville releases
 87c    GATX Type 30 8K tank cars for food commodities - 9 variations 
 91b    1923 ARA XM-1 boxcars - RI,B&M,BAR,L&N  
 91c    1923 ARA XM-1 boxcars - SAL,CGW,M&StL,GRR,WofA,A&WP  
 92b    Composite gons - Seaboard G-7, PRR G24, SLSF 85000 
 93a    NYC 1-1/2 door raised side rebuild boxcars 
 90b    NP/NHIX 50' reefer, WFEX,FGEX 1946 steel reefers 
 F10    Ship steel plate load 

   July 2009
 05c    ATSF Ga-49, Ga-53 48'6" drop end gondolas (Upgraded) 
 45c    ATSF Ft-G & M flatcars 

   2009 Model Year
 16c    SFRD Rr-5-9-11 ARA wood reefrs (Reissue) 
 19b    MP 36' original and rebuilt boxcars 
 34f    BREX, FGEX, WFEX wartime reefers with '50s decals 
 52c    T&P 50000 series boxcars 
 64h    SL-SF, ACL, C&WC USRA rebuilds 
 64j    T&P 80000, 81000 boxcars 
 64k    Western of Alabama, Atlanta & West Point, Georgia rebuilt boxcars 
 67f    NC&St.L, Monon, DSS&A, ELS 40' steel gondolas 
 67g    Columbia & Greenville, Florida East Coast, Norfolk Southern 40' steel gondolas 
 74b    SFRD Rr-48 plug door reefers 
 83b    CNW, MKT, KCS 50' autocars 
 85a    L&N, Ann Arbor, Midland Valley 36' double sheathed boxcars 
 85b    D&H, D&RGW and MP 36' double sheathed boxcars 
 86a    Louisville & Nashville, Southern 40' drop bottom steel gondolas 
 87a    GATC Type 30 8K tank cars 
 88      NYC/Rutland milk/express cars 
 89a     SFRD Rr-18 USRA ice reefer rebuild 
 90a     SFRD Rr-17/26/37 50' super insulated reefer 

 70    B&O O-63 fixed end Bethlehem gondola 
 MS    Cars of the SP and SSW Motor Special 
 84    20th Anniversary Kit - ATSF peaked roof cabooses 
 70d   ATSF Ga-68/69/80/87 52'6" steel gondolas 

 82    Fruehauf curved front, streamlined, stainless steel trailer 
 81    B&O, WM, CRP 10' IH, 7' door, 40' postwar boxcars 
 80    SLSF 151000 series double door single sheathed boxcars 
 64    ATSF Bx-28,-31, RI, CNW, Wabash, SSW USRA rebuilds
 45b   CRI&P 50' spliced and B&M, PM 40' flatcars 
 38    More classic SP/T&NO box and stock cars 
 34    FGEX, WFEX, BREX plywood and tongue in groove WWII era reefers 
 12    PRR G29, G29a, G29b 46' gondolas 

 80    MoP,SL-SF,MKT tall single sheathed boxcars 
 79    GN plywood boxcars 
 78a    Soo Line Sawtooth boxcars, Illiniois Terminal 36' boxcar 
 77    GN 30000 & 31000, NP 9480, CB&Q XM-31 single & double sheathed boxcars