Extra Data for Kit 7.01
UTLX Class X 6,500-gallon tank cars

These kits reflected UTLX tank car prototypes with 6,500 gallon capacities. These tank car models had not been available in HO scale. These models were produced from completely new masters. The tank and dome were created as 3D models to ensure fit. Decals were created directly from prototype images.

The kit consisted of a resin tank body, underframe and detail parts; Elgin Car Shops etched eye bolts and bar stock; Precision Scale Company brass stanchions, air hoses, plumbing tee and corner ladders; Tichy KC brake set, grabs and wire; and decals.

Resin Car Works would like to thank the following rail historians and modelers for their high quality work. Without their efforts, these kits would not have been produced.

Steve Hile - research, data, plans, detail drawings and car history
Dave Campbell - decal creation
Patrick Hodina - 3D modeling of the underframe, bolsters and running board supports
Tom Madden - for 3D modeling and for his casting work
Ken Soroos – kit instruction coordination
Frank Hodina - kit instructions and model photos

Tank car trucks

We recommend Tahoe Model Works TMW-006, Buckeye A.R.A. 50-Ton trucks or the TMW-003 AC&F Arch Bar trucks for a car representing an earlier era.

Here are files intended to help you build our models.

The kit instructions are large PDF files so there are two separate files to download. Right click and save them to your hard drive.

Kit 7.01 6.5K gallon tank car history (2 MB)
Kit 7.01 6.5K gallon tank car kit instructions (8.5 MB)

General Arrangement Drawings

UTLX Class X 6.5K gallon car - side view (PDF file)
UTLX Class X 6.5K gallon car - end view (PDF file)


Additional prototype photos and details for Kit 7.01.

6,500 gallon cars

UTLX 11950 builder image - Keith Retterer Collection
UTLX_12276 - Howard Ameling Collection
UTLX_16285 - Collection of Bob's Photos.
UTLX_17874 in acid service - Sirman Collection
UTLX_17891 in acid service - ACF Builder's Photo, Barriger Railroad Library
UTLX_58041_and_58008 - Jim Sands photo, courtesy of Doug Harding
UTLX_58111 different angle
UTLX_58554 - John C. LaRue Collection

Detail shots

AC&F 1914 builder image of underframe
Brake end of UTLX 6414 AC&F 1914 builder image
Brake end of UTLX 6872